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Bonnie Lou Schreiner was born in Rochester, New York. She grew up in Pittsford, New York and graduated from Pittsford Central High School in Pittsford, New York. She attended Monroe Community College and graduated from there in June of 1970. She then attended Florida Metropolitan University online school for two semesters.  

The loss of a child is something one never gets over. You just learn to live with it. So, her goal in life after the loss of her beloved son was to never forget, and to honor and remember her son’s legacy. She was now a Gold Star mother and she wanted to attend as many Gold Star functions as possible Honoring the Fallen from Memorial Services to engraved stones to Honor and Remembrance Flags.

Her first book, “A Mother Remembers, Memoirs of a Fallen Hero” took her a year to get her thoughts together and write them down in chronological order. When she went to bed at night she would think back over the years remembering and then the next morning she would write down her thoughts from the night before.  She wanted to write down and remember everything about her beloved son to Honor and Remember his legacy. She wanted to share with the world that freedom is not free. Freedom is not a God given right. It has been paid for by an individual making the ultimate sacrifice. Giving his life for his country.

She got interested in writing a children’s books when she got her Shetland Sheepdog whom she named Toby. He was so beautiful and loving, but life got in the way and it was many years before she actually wrote the book. She wrote from the heart and enjoyed it so much that she decided to write another children’s book about the little Chihuahua rescue dog she adopted.   “Nicky, A Boys Furry Companion”. Then she wrote a book titled “Mischievous Tommy” which was all about the hilarious antics her three sons did when they were two-and-a-half years old.  She states that It is easy to relate to subjects that she is  familiar with.

She is a loving grandma of five grandsons and enjoys spending time with them. She enjoys taking walks with her beloved dogs, along with reading, sewing, quilting, baking and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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