Bonnie Lou Schreiner

Nicky A Boy's Furry Companion


Join Nicky, the cheerful little dog, on an exciting adventure filled with love, friendship, and a forever home!

Nicky’s heart is overflowing with joy as he discovers a special bond with Stevie and his newfound family. In this heartwarming children’s tale, young readers will embark on a delightful journey where they’ll learn the true meaning of love and the incredible happiness that comes from finding a place to call home.

Filled with adorable illustrations and endearing moments, this enchanting story will capture the hearts of children and remind them of the extraordinary connections that can be formed between a furry friend and a loving family. Get ready for a wagging tale that will leave paw prints on your heart!

Book Awards: 

Purple DragonFly Awards – Honorable Mention, “Picture Books 6 & Older”
Purple DragonFly Awards – Honorable Mention, “Animals/Pets”


This book is one that young readers and their families will return to time and time again, and its message of love and acceptance is sure to brighten every reader’s day.

Nicole Yurcaba

USR - Book Reviewer

Thumbs Up!!

Toby’s Big Adventure is a no-nonsense, reality-inspired tale about Toby’s transition from his breeder in the mid-west to his forever home in San Francisco. All children will love it.

Barbara Miller

Pacific Book Reviewer