Bonnie Lou Schreiner

Toby's Big Adventure


Toby is a lively young Shetland sheepdog that lives with his mother and father on a farm. It’s always a great time on the farm especially with so many other puppies to play with. People come to look for a new puppy to call their own, and they get a lot of visitors.

Toby is taken from his buddies and placed in a small carrier before being driven away from the farm. Where is he going? He’s terrified of everything. Finally, he arrives at his destination, where he will be greeted by his “new mama,” Bonnie. Despite his fears, he has faith that his new mama will warmly welcome him.

Toby’s Big Adventure is a charming story about a special bond between people and their furry friends. Toby is Bonnie’s real-life sheepdog. He is such a lovely dog that she decided to write a book about him.

Book Awards: 

Purple DragonFly Awards – Honorable Mention, “Picture Books 6 & Older”
Purple DragonFly Awards – Honorable Mention, “Animals/Pets”
Purple DragonFly Awards – Honorable Mention, “Best Illustration”

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This book is one that young readers and their families will return to time and time again, and its message of love and acceptance is sure to brighten every reader’s day.

Nicole Yurcaba

USR - Book Reviewer

Thumbs Up!!

Toby’s Big Adventure is a no-nonsense, reality-inspired tale about Toby’s transition from his breeder in the mid-west to his forever home in San Francisco. All children will love it.

Barbara Miller

Pacific Book Reviewer