Bonnie Lou Schreiner

"Honoring a Hero: A Mother's Journey of Love, Loss, and Remembrance"

Hello, my name is Bonnie Lou Schreiner.  I am the author of a book titled, A Mother Remembers: Memoirs Of A Fallen Hero.

This book is a biography of the life of my son from his birth through childhood and young adolescent and into manhood and becoming a courageous Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

One may ask why I would write such a story and my answer is because my son’s life was so abruptly taken from me and my family in a far-off dust bowl of a country where life has little value. I want him to be honored and remembered.

My heartache and sadness prompted me to keep his memory alive so that his sacrifice would never be forgotten.  That his legacy would live on and the accomplishments he made would be recognized and always remembered.

Yes, I was devastated the day I received the horrible news of my son’s death.  I cried and cried. I felt like my life had ended. I just wanted to die.  I was so angry with God. Why God? Why? I had prayed so often to God and asked him to hold my son in the palm of his hand. To protect him from harm and let him come home safely to our family.  God did not answer my prayers.

Why does God allow such tragedies to happen?  In Isaiah 55:8 God says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways”.

There are things in life that we simply will not be able to understand. I didn’t understand why God let such a tragedy happen. I felt that He had given me a mountain to climb. A journey that I could not perform, but, I have learned that God gives us these trials and tribulations to make us stronger individuals. Trust in the Lord. By doing good deeds, showing kindness to others, helping people in need, and bringing happiness to others we find peace from within. Speaking to God on a daily basis brings much contentment and happiness to our souls. It gives us the strength to meet each new day.

I have found that writing my book has been very therapeutic for me. I am keeping the memories of my son and his legacy as a Marine alive.